Saturday, August 25, 2018

Letter To Love.

I’ve long awaited this conversation, mom.

Tonight I ask if you miss me, even once in a while.

We shared just a little time together. But the way I loved you, it felt like reaching, gasping for air -- from the deepest part of the ocean, to the freedom of the sky. I longed for you, for you were oxygen to my lungs, and truly and so magnificently, light illuming my own little light house. I say I’m home, I say I’m free, when I hear your voice, your laughter, in a forest full of fireflies--as they try, maybe, to twinkle as only your eyes can.

Mom, I hope you’re happy and free. I always find my way back to you in my dreams--and in our chance encounters I remember the soul of your presence -- both here and there. When will our journies collide? I miss you, and think not, that my ache for you exceeds yours for me. Dream of me, as I dream of you, and no matter how far I travel, I’ll always hold a place for you in my heart. Every day, falling in love with your wings all over again. Honey mommy, take flight, be free. Our hearts beat as one to one freedom song.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Baptism of the Sea

the breath of the sea flows through my body.

im ancient as the waters. 

with every breath i travel a thousand years into caves flooded with fire and holy water.

sinking to swim, i close my eyes to see the light. 

it's a festival of fire.

the proverbial phoenix, i wear its ashes; im a product of its alchemy.

inside, i flow with the rhythm of the sea.

outside, im petaled with black ash and fire.

black rose, orange sea.

when the skies quake with thunder, the ash breaks.

barely becoming, i am bare.


im salt for the earth.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sun of GOD

Hafiz, my Beloved guide, he knocked on my door today.

I found him with a bouquet -- not of flowers but of golden rays of sunshine.

You see, I had recently invited sadness into my home.

Hafiz, he carried a new Spirit.

He recounted the great tale of the journey it took him to go from earth to sky, and back.

Told me of a thousand colored sky he found beyond the blue skies. 

It was the Ancient of Days, Life-giving Force, Miracle Worker. 

He said that the colors littered the heavens like a garden. 

Truly, he was awe-struck, love-filled, teary-eyed 

Seeing the great passage between heaven and earth. 

Dying or Born, Seeking or Seeing, this passage plugged us into a space of 

Divine wonder, awesome glory and holy transcendence. 

The encounter with this doorway, our robe of divinity as precious suns of GOD.

Hafiz was moved, still teary-eyed. 

He found the place of the great central Sun, Helios--in this garden, 

Reveling in its magnetic poise and showers of golden liquid light. 

He greeted it, told it of a friend he had to pay a visit to on earth. 

He told it how he wanted to bring her a gift that would send her out into 

The vast holy lands of her heart. 

Fertilize her soul, as this journey has fertilized mine.

With a scarf he received this divine fertilizer that is Light.

In exchange for such a prize without price, he left a dew drop of flowing tears 

Reflecting his gratitude and passion for the overflowing made available.

He knew that with the bouquet and this glorious tale, 

The garden of my heart would have all its germination needs. 

He has found me needing life and left me as a giver of life. 

I am a sun of God.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


i am part of a 30 Day Challenge, called Create Your Calling. 

Yesterday's challenge: write opening lines & Title of imaginary book

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Breathing in Life

ive walked many paths, seen many faces, heard the rain fall upon countless streets. 

i see the reflection of the one who is I, each time i breathe into my mind's eye. indeed with these shifting variables, in these changing times, i have come to know this soul, hosted within this body.

i cherish the paths that have brought me closer to my breath, the faces formed with gratitude that offered me Spiritual health, and the subtle sensuality of rainfall, as it continues to vibrate over my body. 

i cherish life: ordinary moments, special moments, lasting moments,


a bouquet of celebration..

love, laughter, it's all medication.

indeed one thing i request of life as i write of mine in this brief tale of human tenderness, is simply that my heart be made into a bonfire and used as sunshine for the lives of all on earth who make the world go round. 

and around. 

and around.


Thursday, May 4, 2017


I had a bowl of biryani last nite.

The South Asians, they must have built the first temple of flavors, is what I thought;

What I thought as I unwrapped the assortment. 

An assortment of hearty flavors. 

Just as good for teasing eager taste buds, 

As it was for sweeping the insides of nasal pass-ways.

Biryani connects me to my Indian roots; 

Roots that I’ve both lost and found, that I have left behind in the past.

And that I hurry to meet in a distant time. 

The aromas and flavors of India are, to me, 

Likened to the fine crystals of the earth that activate our souls. 

The amethyst is both wild and refined: taking me on a ride into the northern alps, 

Seen through the iris and retina of a wild mountain goat. 

But it's that much more.

Such is the sensation of INDIA and her lofty promises of adventure and synesthesia.

In a hallway abounding with India’s Aromas, the Titan and the Farmer, 

They meet, they greet, they sit down as equals, and eat.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Friendships Lost.

Where have you been?

This friendship that crowns my flaws with a little esteem.

Why do you hide?

This soul that dissolves my fears with a touch of pastel colored dreams.

Journeying within, I find many streets to escape a loneliness so broad, so deep, Calculated in the way I’m exposed to woeful extremes.

I find many streets, but on none of these do I find you.

Indeed, I miss you.

I am uncommonly fragile, you see.

I fear for the way my heart beats, sparingly...

My breath travels, reluctantly...

The clock left me at noon and found me at midnight, retelling the same old tales of you.

During these hours, my heart labored to stay awake in the sparseness of its landscape. Just to lay its love on you.

My telling became less hurried; my delivery, forceful. 

Determined, you see, to keep the flame of your gorgeous memory, 

Dancing with the wind.

You were an exemplary Gardner of the heart.

You kept weeds at bay with your tenderness and medicine words.

We had good laughs...We were our sustenance for a good heart.

With me, you were pretty certain of one thing, a peace--in mind.

This peace, my dear one, that I seek to find, now that you're gone.

Where have you been?

Look in my heart, and you will find the streets I, however, have hidden in.