Saturday, August 25, 2018

Letter To Love.

I’ve long awaited this conversation, mom.

Tonight I ask if you miss me, even once in a while.

We shared just a little time together. But the way I loved you, it felt like reaching, gasping for air -- from the deepest part of the ocean, to the freedom of the sky. I longed for you, for you were oxygen to my lungs, and truly and so magnificently, light illuming my own little light house. I say I’m home, I say I’m free, when I hear your voice, your laughter, in a forest full of fireflies--as they try, maybe, to twinkle as only your eyes can.

Mom, I hope you’re happy and free. I always find my way back to you in my dreams--and in our chance encounters I remember the soul of your presence -- both here and there. When will our journies collide? I miss you, and think not, that my ache for you exceeds yours for me. Dream of me, as I dream of you, and no matter how far I travel, I’ll always hold a place for you in my heart. Every day, falling in love with your wings all over again. Honey mommy, take flight, be free. Our hearts beat as one to one freedom song.

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