Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Baptism of the Sea

the breath of the sea flows through my body.

im ancient as the waters. 

with every breath i travel a thousand years into caves flooded with fire and holy water.

sinking to swim, i close my eyes to see the light. 

it's a festival of fire.

the proverbial phoenix, i wear its ashes; im a product of its alchemy.

inside, i flow with the rhythm of the sea.

outside, im petaled with black ash and fire.

black rose, orange sea.

when the skies quake with thunder, the ash breaks.

barely becoming, i am bare.


im salt for the earth.


  1. Thumps up! mythology and theology scribbled together in the grandeur of poetry.

    1. Adeyemo, THANK YOU.
      It gives me so much joy seeing how you have followed my poetry all these years. It's truly a blessing. You'd enjoy the book tremendously.

      While we're at it however, haven't seen any poems from you.

    2. It's always a pleasure to follow the writings of great minds, the same way i followed your name sake(Maya Angelou) for years. I'll forward a poem to you right away.

    3. so wonderful! I have just looked again at your beautiful writings. I sent a surprise in the email to you. re: Maya Angelou.

      from one soul to another, Thank you.