Sunday, August 20, 2017

Breathing in Life

ive walked many paths, seen many faces, heard the rain fall upon countless streets. 

i see the reflection of the one who is I, each time i breathe into my mind's eye. indeed with these shifting variables, in these changing times, i have come to know this soul, hosted within this body.

i cherish the paths that have brought me closer to my breath, the faces formed with gratitude that offered me Spiritual health, and the subtle sensuality of rainfall, as it continues to vibrate over my body. 

i cherish life: ordinary moments, special moments, lasting moments,


a bouquet of celebration..

love, laughter, it's all medication.

indeed one thing i request of life as i write of mine in this brief tale of human tenderness, is simply that my heart be made into a bonfire and used as sunshine for the lives of all on earth who make the world go round. 

and around. 

and around.


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