Thursday, May 4, 2017


I had a bowl of biryani last nite.

The South Asians, they must have built the first temple of flavors, is what I thought;

What I thought as I unwrapped the assortment. 

An assortment of hearty flavors. 

Just as good for teasing eager taste buds, 

As it was for sweeping the insides of nasal pass-ways.

Biryani connects me to my Indian roots; 

Roots that I’ve both lost and found, that I have left behind in the past.

And that I hurry to meet in a distant time. 

The aromas and flavors of India are, to me, 

Likened to the fine crystals of the earth that activate our souls. 

The amethyst is both wild and refined: taking me on a ride into the northern alps, 

Seen through the iris and retina of a wild mountain goat. 

But it's that much more.

Such is the sensation of INDIA and her lofty promises of adventure and synesthesia.

In a hallway abounding with India’s Aromas, the Titan and the Farmer, 

They meet, they greet, they sit down as equals, and eat.


  1. This topic really change my life

  2. Anyone else can write more responses here?

  3. Wow this is a beautiful piece - while I was reading, I was whisked to an enchanted forest (reason unknown) with the sound of drums ringing in my ears and colorful silks being thrown in the ear and the smell of indian chicken curry :-)

    1. how beautiful .. a piece of your soul's blueprint, perhaps?
      im really glad you enjoyed it

  4. I never knew you have Indian roots. lol. Thank you for providing us a piece to savor.

    1. ha ha love the word Savor for this!
      i dont know if I have Indian roots, I suspect I do lol..